J1-B Countertop

Jolly Bitcoin Machine

The Right Size For Any Business

J1-B Countertop Machine is our first machine to market and is now available for order. J1-B is easy to set up, and comes with a step-by-step guide to get you started. All you need is a power cable, a wired or Wi-Fi connection, and some Bitcoins to sell. A touch-screen graphical interface makes it painless for customers to buy Bitcoins, and use a QR code on their mobile device to send them instantly to the Bitcoin wallet of their choice.

Features & Benefits

This unit is very easy to setup and get started. Any business owner can do this.

    • Easy To Place
    • Operates In Secure Wireless Network
    • Bolt On Security Features
    • Highly Visible
    • You Set Your Pricing For Purchases
    • You Use Your Wallet For Reloading
    • Connects To Your Existing Network
    • Fun To Talk About


Small and Secure

The Jolly Bitcoin Machine is not only the lightest commercial Bitcoin Buying Machine – it’s also the most secure. Each Jolly Bitcoin Machine comes with a rugged security mounting plate to prevent physical theft. And a password-on-boot option means that even if it’s stolen, your Bitcoins are safe. All while being light enough to move around and sit near where your customers are. Be smarter – not heavier.

International Currency

The Jolly Bitcoin Machine can accept US, Canadian and Australian Dollars as well as Euros, Yuan, Argentenian Pesos, and dozens of other currencies. Just select the currency you’d like when ordering, and we’ll ship you the right one, to anywhere in the world. We also have a Spanish language version, and we’re working on other languages.


Managing your Jolly Bitcoin Machine wallet is as simple as using a Blockchain.info wallet, and lets you take advantage of their stable and reliable service. Blockchain’s wallet is battle tested, open source and audit-able.


Jolly Bitcoin uses source code that is free, open source and audit-able.  The code is on Github, and just like the Bitcoin blockchain, you can see a log of every change that is made. Want a new feature? Send a pull request. Or make your own version. We’re excited to see what you come up with.

Placement Options

Lease Ownership Option

The Jolly Bitcoin Machine uses the major exchanges to set the Bitcoin price automatically, then adds a percentage and minimum price protection so you can get paid for making Bitcoins easy and convenient to purchase, while protecting yourself from volatility. It’s great for storefronts, bars, vendors, merchants, conferences, farmers markets, and meet-ups. You can set any rate you want – or none at all. It’s your machine – you decide.

Fill out our “I wanna be a Jolly Bitcoin” form to receive more free information about our easy leasing terms.

Free Placement Option

For a short period of time, you may be able to qualify for placement of our Jolly Bitcoin Machine in your establishment absolutely free! That’s right, no cost to you and you get all the benefits the Jolly Bitcoin Machine can bring to your establishment including placement in our Jolly Bitcoin directory. Learn how to qualify for a FREE Jolly Bitcoin Machine today by filling out our “I wanna be a Jolly Bitcoin” form.

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