Surf Brothers Teriyaki – San Diego California

surfbroThe Beginning of Surf Brothers an Aspiring San Diego Caterer…

After borrowing some  money from family and friends, Reza and his father opened up a “hole in a wall” restaurant by the name Tokyo’s Teriyaki in November of 1992. Struggling with no funds to advertise and being completely unknown to Encinitas, Tokyo’s Teriyaki (now Surf Brothers Teriyaki) became a local hot spot for awesome grub and a top San Diego Caterer only through word of mouth. Word spread because Reza and his father would pay attention to every single customer making sure every plate served was the most delicious teriyaki plate customers would ever have.

The Restaurant and San Diego Caterer Reputation Grows…

As their San Diego caterer reputation grew outside of Encinitas, customers from other cities asked them to open up in their neighborhood. Looking to expand, Reza’s younger brother Amir joined the family San Diego caterer business after graduating from La Costa Canyon high school in 1997 and opened up their second location in San Marcos and changed their name to Island Brothers Teriyaki.

With a new name, Surf Brothers Teriyaki and seven locations, Reza and his family have not forgotten their original roots, passion and loyalty to their customers.  Nothing in respect to the quality has changed since their opening.

Introducing Bitcoin…

At first when Reza was introduced to Bitcoin, he was skeptical. But after learning more about it, and discovering that customers actually preferred paying for merchandise using Bitcoin, he decided to give it a try and started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment at one of his locations. He later added Bitcoin to all of his locations and then introduced the Jolly Bitcoin Machine to his customers. Within days customers were returning to not only enjoy the great Surf Borthers Teriyaki bowl’s but to also buy Bitcoin using the Jolly Bitcoin Machine conveniently located on the counter top.



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